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Monks Rock

In this clip, the news people are freaking out about some 2 year old destroying some monks hard work. But the monks react calmly and simply start over.


Print Your Own Toys

The New York Times says it’s not to far off.

Google – part evil

here is why

Behind a Camera

An Interesting animated episode of This American Life

The Dildo Diaries


Definitions – A Real Blog Now

OK, so you know when I said I wouldn’t be bringing up my other blog Definitions on this blog? I lied.

But check it, there is a really crappy reason for this. Every day thousands if not millions if not billions of blogs cross reference each other. It’s so common that when a group went to map the blogosphere, the requirement to be considered a legitimate blog was being linked more than once by at least one other blog.

This entire blog is almost entirely links to other more interesting blogs. So the fact that Definitions was mentioned on another blog isn’t really big news. But it has never happened to me ever before! Because of that I am quite giddy, in a little girl type way. So check the mention out (I know, they don’t even praise the blog, but its a start!). And they linked to me twice, so its official, Definitions is a blog!

Penis Amputation

Most fascinating fact I learned from reading this article: iguanas have two penises.