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Rami Takes A Cute One

By my favorite photographer Rami


Environmental Obesity

“Think about what it consumes before buying.”


Photos by me.

More Bowling Photos

Photo – Lens

New photo over at Kind of Delicious

Rami Daud – Photographer

This is not Rami


Rami Daud is a friend of mine, not sure how we met, we know each other from high-school, but never hung out then, still to this day seeing him is all to rare, but he is possibly the best photographer I know personally, and in my biased opinion, one of the best out there. Check out his website, and leave him comments telling him how awesome he is. He’ll love it!

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Duking it Out in Style

Tony vs. Paul

They are sweet and they are well aware. There is a bit of stop motion masturbation, where they only do something to show they can, but that’s hip with me. Enjoy.

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So Pretty I Squealed Girly Like


Explanation: Last Thursday evening, stars were not the only lights in Iowa skies. Spectacular northern lights also shone from the heavens, extending across the midwestern USA and other locations not often graced with auroral displays. The wide-ranging auroral activity was triggered as a large solar flare – an energetic cloud of particles blasted outward from the Sun a few days earlier – collided with planet Earth’s magnetosphere. Alerted to conditions ripe for aurora, photographer Stan Richard recorded this apparition over Saylorville Lake, near Des Moines, Iowa, USA. While the colorful rays seem to end just above the water, they are actually at altitudes of 100 kilometers or more.