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ZeFranks points us too some really good videos over at vimeo



A children’s story by zefrank, reworded and put to images and song by sportsracers over at the the ORG.

the show with zefrank

It’s over. I am crushed. But he is a man of his word. one year to the day, and “the show” is over. He went balls out on this project day in and day out and I love the guy for it. most of you wont get it, but I am honestly a bit watery-eyed. Yesterday ended one of the greatest sources of humor, intelligence, creativity and inspiration in my life.

This sucks. I will miss you ze


ZeFrank delivered sportsracer made music and video to Ray. Great interview.

more stuff and the original clip here 


A bedtime story by ZeFrank

Pissing off Art Students

ZeFrank again

ZeFrank on Waves

He has a nack for putting into words ideas I wish I where cool enough to have