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My Early Muir Owl

Here – this one made me cry all happy.

Keepon dancing to Spoon’s “Don’t You Evah”

Cute Robot dancing video

hamster piano and pop corn


The Wrong Trousers

These kids rock so incredibly hard – I really want to be in a band again – I am going to practice my banjo.

Them rocking

Them killing the radio Star

Their Myspace

Literacy is cute

Adorable – its that simple – freaking adorable.

Thanks again Caroline and dont forget

Happy Mothers Day

Check out a video I made for my mom, its over at a new “Kind of Delicious” blog I made.

I know your thinking “another blog? josh…. common now”
But I really like vime0, and wordpress doesn’t allow for embedding videos that aren’t youtube. So there.

Rami Takes A Cute One

By my favorite photographer Rami