Imaging Science Gets Frisky

Lets hear it for non-invasive infrared technology and its newest application; telling doctors how horny you are! (My major makes cool things happen, hehe)

Over at Science and Reason Charles Daney found that gem of research showing that women get aroused just as fast as men do, proving that scientific research has immediate, practical, argument winning applications.

The new finding is based on the use of infrared imaging technology to measure skin temperature from a distance. This is not only more sensitive to temperature differences, but also does not require uncomfortable instruments in contact with the subjects’ genitals.

In the new study, 28 men and 30 women first watched a video of the Canadian countryside in a room on their own, so that researchers could establish each individual’s baseline temperatures.

The Article approaches the subject level headed and actually raises some good questions with links to dissent and other blog posts. check it out


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