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I Got Life

Great music here


Stop the Clash of Civilizations

 A plea to your humanity – are we really that different?

Monks Rock

In this clip, the news people are freaking out about some 2 year old destroying some monks hard work. But the monks react calmly and simply start over.

Free Art – Seriously part 2

Hey remember when I said some girl was giving away free art?

I wasn’t lying. I made a request and a little donation. I asked for a steam punk gnome who just had something blow up in his face. This is the preview image she sent me. Some minor changes might be made then I get some free art! WOO!My Gnome

go make a request with Ali Spagnola

In Case Of Zombies

Threadless reprint of a great shirt. To bad I am broke right now.

Living online, with web apps

A great essay on how to move your computer life into web browsers so you can do anything you normally do but now you can do it anywhere.

In my opinion this is the future of computers – most likely in the distant future computers will be nothing more than web terminals and you will be able to access your personal “desktop” from anywhere in the world. All your data safe, encrypted, and backed up more often then you would ever think to do yourself, and just a few clicks away at any terminal.

Digg Censorship

This is what happens when you piss of the internets