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Blog I Actually update

sorry. I forgot to tell the 3 people who read this blog that i have moved on.

check me and my all original content blog out HERE 

tumblr version here


Kind Of Delicious is back

But hosted at Blogger

why? because there is more freedom to do alot more really cool things with Blogger. Thing is, with this freedom, comes a less pretty base. I am OK with that.

This site is officially becoming a cool-things-I-found-on-the-net blog. Kind Of Delicious is where I will post original content. But dont worry, I am full of myself, so I will always post a link on this site when ever there is new content on my other site.

Also, to be extra confusing, there may be an even bigger move ahead for this blog. I want to make sure it will be the last one for a while before I do though. (hint: tumblr is pretty cool)

Living online, with web apps

A great essay on how to move your computer life into web browsers so you can do anything you normally do but now you can do it anywhere.

In my opinion this is the future of computers – most likely in the distant future computers will be nothing more than web terminals and you will be able to access your personal “desktop” from anywhere in the world. All your data safe, encrypted, and backed up more often then you would ever think to do yourself, and just a few clicks away at any terminal.

Puplic Speaking Advice

How not to throw up

Definitions – A Real Blog Now

OK, so you know when I said I wouldn’t be bringing up my other blog Definitions on this blog? I lied.

But check it, there is a really crappy reason for this. Every day thousands if not millions if not billions of blogs cross reference each other. It’s so common that when a group went to map the blogosphere, the requirement to be considered a legitimate blog was being linked more than once by at least one other blog.

This entire blog is almost entirely links to other more interesting blogs. So the fact that Definitions was mentioned on another blog isn’t really big news. But it has never happened to me ever before! Because of that I am quite giddy, in a little girl type way. So check the mention out (I know, they don’t even praise the blog, but its a start!). And they linked to me twice, so its official, Definitions is a blog!



Another blog I started. It’s a gimmick blog I find rather amusing. Go check it out and tell me what you think.


Poopy – adj. Pu-pee

Smelly, dissatisfying, and/or brownish in a grayish greenish sort of way.

Homework and a rotting body share the similar descriptor, poopy. I feel this is not a coincidence.


I will not tell you guys when new definitions are up because I plan them to be so frequent that it would get annoying for me to post about it here.