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Green Power

Green Power – From Netorama



Click an add and do some good. Ripple sets it up that the advertisers pay on a per view basis and the profits go to good causes.

Technology Entertainment and Design = TED

Inspired talks by the world’s greatest thinkers and doers

I expect this site to consume my life for a while, so expect to see all kinds of video links from this site.


Machines that are powered by wind and will blow your mind.

ZeFrank on Waves

He has a nack for putting into words ideas I wish I where cool enough to have

ZeFrank – Baseline

No inside jokes, just some good views.

I am really going to try and take this to heart. I have been beating my self up for beating my self up, getting depressed about being depressed, getting anxious of being anxious, and being happy about being happy. That last one doesn’t seem so bad, but it seems odd. I want to avoid stacking emotions and feel what’s there to be felt. Ride the highs that are meant to be high, and simply accept that yes, some things suck, but I should be upset about being sad that something suck. These are the evil middlemen

I am also trying to be more creative, so expect some lots more photos, a few doodles, a youtubeish video or two, and maybe even a short story coming up. But don’t get your hopes to high until Winter break.

Also expect some writing on this blog now, not just simple regurgitation of silly crap I find online. I will continue to provide the service of filtering you guys the highlights of my wasted hours on the intertubes and blag-o-sphere’s but begin to provide some opinions, explanations, and original work.

Oh, and I have a new browser recommendation for anybody who uses flickr, photobucket, or has a blog of any kind; Flock. They are a Firefox based web browser (meaning they started with Firefox’s open source code) and it has all kinds of neat tools. I am actually writing this entry on their blogging tool. Its quite nice. Check them out at

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Imaging Science Gets Frisky

Lets hear it for non-invasive infrared technology and its newest application; telling doctors how horny you are! (My major makes cool things happen, hehe)

Over at Science and Reason Charles Daney found that gem of research showing that women get aroused just as fast as men do, proving that scientific research has immediate, practical, argument winning applications.

The new finding is based on the use of infrared imaging technology to measure skin temperature from a distance. This is not only more sensitive to temperature differences, but also does not require uncomfortable instruments in contact with the subjects’ genitals.

In the new study, 28 men and 30 women first watched a video of the Canadian countryside in a room on their own, so that researchers could establish each individual’s baseline temperatures.

The Article approaches the subject level headed and actually raises some good questions with links to dissent and other blog posts. check it out