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No Cars Go (Or: how I dance when no one is looking)

or here

this is me!


My Early Muir Owl

Here – this one made me cry all happy.

I Got Life

Great music here

The Wrong Trousers

These kids rock so incredibly hard – I really want to be in a band again – I am going to practice my banjo.

Them rocking

Them killing the radio Star

Their Myspace

Stop the Clash of Civilizations

 A plea to your humanity – are we really that different?

Literacy is cute

Adorable – its that simple – freaking adorable.

Thanks again Caroline and dont forget

Happy Mothers Day

Check out a video I made for my mom, its over at a new “Kind of Delicious” blog I made.

I know your thinking “another blog? josh…. common now”
But I really like vime0, and wordpress doesn’t allow for embedding videos that aren’t youtube. So there.