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Living online, with web apps

A great essay on how to move your computer life into web browsers so you can do anything you normally do but now you can do it anywhere.

In my opinion this is the future of computers – most likely in the distant future computers will be nothing more than web terminals and you will be able to access your personal “desktop” from anywhere in the world. All your data safe, encrypted, and backed up more often then you would ever think to do yourself, and just a few clicks away at any terminal.



Click an add and do some good. Ripple sets it up that the advertisers pay on a per view basis and the profits go to good causes.

Supermarket 2.0


Why I Love the Internet

I love the Internet. I see it as amazing an thing. I dont think its cold, or evil. It’s possibly the most revolutionary thing in modern history. A More important tool to our future as a people than just about anything else in existence. I always have trouble getting my reasons for why across to people, but this video does it in a beautiful and poetic way.