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Scary Faces

Another Video I made. Here and Here

scary faces


Me (us) Right Now

Caroline and I follow through on an Idea. We shot a video of our selfs at the exact same time then each posted the result. Check it out at Kind Of Delicious.

Kind Of Delicious is back

But hosted at Blogger

why? because there is more freedom to do alot more really cool things with Blogger. Thing is, with this freedom, comes a less pretty base. I am OK with that.

This site is officially becoming a cool-things-I-found-on-the-net blog. Kind Of Delicious is where I will post original content. But dont worry, I am full of myself, so I will always post a link on this site when ever there is new content on my other site.

Also, to be extra confusing, there may be an even bigger move ahead for this blog. I want to make sure it will be the last one for a while before I do though. (hint: tumblr is pretty cool)

Public Hygiene Project

My friend Caroline (a Vimeo convert) just stated the Public Hygiene Project

Go check out her shower habits, and post some of your own routines.

Do you Realise?

The Vimeo rocks and so does this lip dubbing clip?

Reggie Watts: Out Of Control

Beatboxing loops