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Me (us) Right Now

Caroline and I follow through on an Idea. We shot a video of our selfs at the exact same time then each posted the result. Check it out at Kind Of Delicious.


It’s My Religion

 As seen at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Fox News – Underground and Ultra Hip

Is that what they’re trying to imply? Check out this image from Fox News’s Facebook page


If you have a Facebook account (and possibly even if you don’t, I’m not sure) you can see the whole animation which consists of this conversation between to obviously internet savvy fox news watchers and their battle in the good fight against those evil college professors. link

Transcribbed for you here:

Person 1: prof. Ried went off on me again

Person 2: what happend?

Person 1: prof. Ried happend

Person 2: you quoted fox news again?

Person 1: I gave both sides

I’m not even sure what this whole add implies. Maybe, – Your professors are all bleeding heart communist pinko’s who aid terrorism and watching fox news is the only way the fight this menace. But, all I really got from this was “Fox news; we give you the biased headlines and no sustenance and you fight your highly educated teachers with sensationalism and ignorance.” (see headlines like “Astro-nut” or tag lines like “death fridge”)

Also, I’m not sure how the tag line “The network your professors don’t want you to watch” really makes sense. To me it just translates to “Some of the smartest people in your immediate surroundings don’t like us, they’re obviously stupid poopy faces and out of touch dinosaurs. Sneak a cookie – be a rebel –fight the good fight – watch fox news.” And even if I didn’t already think fox news was a terrible station willing to resort to what ever it took to keep its nelson ratings high and add buyers happy, I would be turned off by this add.

Now if you don’t know what Facebook is, it’s a social networking site similar to myspace – if you don’t know what myspace is, well, I cant really help you at this point – geared towards college kids. Though they are expanding rapidly. This fox news page is a group you can join.
The general atmosphere of groups on face book is that you join them if you generally agree with what is said in the group description, find the title amusing, and/or want the title to show up in you Facebook profile to give others a quick glimpse of your interests or make them giggle.

With that in mind I hope you can understand why I find it so incredibly depressing that the number of users that have joined the group exceeds 15 thousand members. Especially because I can only assume a very small few joined as a joke.