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Free Art – Seriously part 2

Hey remember when I said some girl was giving away free art?

I wasn’t lying. I made a request and a little donation. I asked for a steam punk gnome who just had something blow up in his face. This is the preview image she sent me. Some minor changes might be made then I get some free art! WOO!My Gnome

go make a request with Ali Spagnola



Great Photography – not actually pornographic, but of the porn industry.

Beautiful Youth

In an artsy cool video

No Scrubs

My friend Jason Lape rocking out No Scrubs. Check out more of him being awesome here

Rami Daud – Photographer

This is not Rami


Rami Daud is a friend of mine, not sure how we met, we know each other from high-school, but never hung out then, still to this day seeing him is all to rare, but he is possibly the best photographer I know personally, and in my biased opinion, one of the best out there. Check out his website, and leave him comments telling him how awesome he is. He’ll love it!

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