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Insanely detailed papercraft AT-ATs to download

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Puplic Speaking Advice

How not to throw up

Nerd Core

An awesomely crafted trailer for an up and comming movie in progress Nerd Core Rising. More info Here

At first you laugh, most likely at least, but then, even in just two minutes, you see a small glimpse into the heart and soul of a culture trying to find itself. I cant wait to see this one.

Nerd Core is here, are you ready.

Sample some Mc Frontalot

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What I(someone else) Did Over Christmas Vacation

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This past Christmas Vacation my brothers, sister, myself and my girlfriend built a scale replica of the battle of Helms Deep, from the second book of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Two Towers penned by the late, great, J.R.R. Tolkien. Here are some pictures: