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I Got Life

Great music here


Free Art – Seriously part 2

Hey remember when I said some girl was giving away free art?

I wasn’t lying. I made a request and a little donation. I asked for a steam punk gnome who just had something blow up in his face. This is the preview image she sent me. Some minor changes might be made then I get some free art! WOO!My Gnome

go make a request with Ali Spagnola

How To feed the Homeless

My friends Caroline’s video finding ability in the site continues to be a winner

Good Moment

I am currently in the library. In front of me is my MacBook with my Earth Science project being the dominating reason for multiple windows being open – yay college. To my right is the library chock full of useful information, neat books, and and a wonderfully mixed sense of history archived, and tranquility in knowledge brought on by that soothing silence of other students studying. To my left the sun is beating down on my shoulders and face and with a glance I can change my view from wood-study-box-of-studious-concentration to that of sunny-good-times-and-green-pleasantries with a dash of happy-human-walking. Below me are my own conveniently bare feet keeping me cool with significant heat-dispersal powers only topped by the top of my head.

I am behind on this project, but really, whats there to complain about?

The (misguided) Pursuit of Happiness

Paradigm changing speech on happiness


A bedtime story by ZeFrank