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Free Art – Seriously

An example of one of her requested paintings

Ali Spangola is giving away art. Seriously, no joke. Go to her site and make a request and she will do her best to fulfill your request, she will even ship it for free. But she recently got featured on a decently large art site, so she has lots of requests. Donate some money to bump yourself up on her priority list (or, less selfishly, to support a person doing a really neat thing)


Kissy Book

Multiple artist where asked (and are still being asked) by the kissy book project to draw characters that can be made too look like there kissing the person on the next page.

The result is adorable 

Otters Holding Hands

Damn cute

and extra cute at about 1 minute in



A children’s story by zefrank, reworded and put to images and song by sportsracers over at the the ORG.


A cute story written as a tribute to a recently past away family pet. Also great example of how much emotion and motion sequential art (what pretentious arseholes like me call comics) can convey.

Adventure Time

So good I’ll blog it again. A boy and his dog, and being amazing.


A bedtime story by ZeFrank