Mr. Deity

A good god (oh, and Jesus is hot)

oh and the series starts here

3 responses to “Mr. Deity

  1. goldenwingedship

    i absolutely fucking loved these and stayed up last night watching them all.

    i also watched the “God, Inc.” videos (which are linked to these because of similarity) but they are not nearly as good, kinda bland in comparison, really.

  2. Hey-

    Have you heard of these Mr. Deity videos? They’re circling around and are completely irreverent.

    I found out that Season Two is starting next week, check out this promo:

    If you’ve got time, a full episode airs right after, it’s hilarious.

    I wonder what Bush and his lackies will say about this?!?

    – Video Addict

  3. Hi!

    Here’s a sneak peek into the daily life of President Bush’s top adviser. And no, we’re not talking about Cheney or Condi—we mean a higher power.

    Season Two of Mr. Deity, a hilarious and irreverent series of comedy shorts, premiers today on Crackle, Sony Picture’s streaming entertainment website. Shows from season one have been circulating around the internet and already have generated a fan base over 6 million strong.

    Check out Episode One for a whole new take on “The Decider’s” decision-making:

    If you wish to use this video for broadcast or to embed it on your site, it must be played through Crackle’s player.

    Here is the embed code: From Crackle: Mr. Deity – Season 2 Premiere

    And be sure to keep Crackle in mind as your source for the most up-to-the minute political commentary and spoofs.

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