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Mr. Deity

A good god (oh, and Jesus is hot)

oh and the series starts here


Funny beer commercial


Monks Rock

In this clip, the news people are freaking out about some 2 year old destroying some monks hard work. But the monks react calmly and simply start over.

Insanely detailed papercraft AT-ATs to download

Straight from Boing Boing

Human Joysticks

Pretty much awesome

Free Art – Seriously part 2

Hey remember when I said some girl was giving away free art?

I wasn’t lying. I made a request and a little donation. I asked for a steam punk gnome who just had something blow up in his face. This is the preview image she sent me. Some minor changes might be made then I get some free art! WOO!My Gnome

go make a request with Ali Spagnola

Nerd Stigmata

Crazy cursor shaped wound