Free Art – Seriously

An example of one of her requested paintings

Ali Spangola is giving away art. Seriously, no joke. Go to her site and make a request and she will do her best to fulfill your request, she will even ship it for free. But she recently got featured on a decently large art site, so she has lots of requests. Donate some money to bump yourself up on her priority list (or, less selfishly, to support a person doing a really neat thing)


6 responses to “Free Art – Seriously

  1. I think he is actually a she …

  2. fixed. sorry for sexist non-intentional assumptions.

  3. It’s funny how drastically your mental image of him/her changes when you know the gender. Is your painting done yet?

  4. Not that i know of. I dont expect it for a long time. She seems pretty busy. how about yours?

  5. She emailed me an image of mine last week and said that she’d be shipping it. Maybe I’ll get it this week!

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