Bad Video

I made this. It isnt really funny or good. But I have been trying to get myself to follow through on what I start. I had this idea and saw it through to completion. Baby steps.

2 responses to “Bad Video

  1. goldenwingedship

    i quite enjoyed it bud, it was moving, and true and pretty humorous.

    there was one bit where you kinda looked at your notes or something because you didn’t know what to say, you should have re-shot that bit.

    it was pretty smooth though, the shifting and all. the slight lighting differences between bits added to it i think, because the fact that it was pieced together from different shots made it worthwhile. if it was one monologue it would have been preachy and pretentious.

    and the music was amazing, i absolutely love that song.

    all in all, good one. your YouTube legacy is begun.

  2. Well thanks buddy =)

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