Save The Internet

Watch the video, understand net neutrality, sign the petition, save the Internet.

We stand with a chance to secure the freedoms of speech on the only truly living embodiment of the first amendment left. We have lost radio, TV and our phones to the fight, Even our schools and the public domain are no longer truly free. We have one place left to say what ever we want when ever we want, Do not let this opportunity to save it pass us buy.


2 responses to “Save The Internet

  1. Understanding net neutrality takes a bit of research. The Save the Internet crew knows that fear works well but we at Hands Off the Internet know better.

    Tech blogger Mark Milliman writes that Save the Internet is actually hurting equal access instead of helping it.

    The broadband crunch is real and proponents of net neutrality will do anything to make sure we keep slowing down the internet.

  2. oh im sure there is a whole group out there with the secret agenda “of keeping th internet slow”

    no, unbiased and totally equal acess is the only way we keep free speach alive on the internet.

    its simple, any site not on the fast tubes will quickly become not worth visiting for most users. why wait when i can get it faster over here right?

    that simply kills competition. Any site that the cable companies dont like – competition, or people with something negative to say – can instantly be put on the slow track. crushing any hope we have for a diverse and free and unmitigated internet.

    its that simple

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