Flow Chart Thinking

Via BoingBoing

I have a bit of a prefrance for the first one, but that second one sure looks easy and fun.

2 responses to “Flow Chart Thinking

  1. The second one sure is harder, but more fulfilling. As to the ignoring the contradicting the evidence….who says the evidence is black and white? Does that evidence say that there’s no possible alternative that would lend itself inot the faith side of your chart? Faith is about holding true to your beliefs, yes. Personally, I blend those two charts together in my life.

    This made me think…thank you.

  2. I am glad it made you think, but i doubt the second one is harder, or necessarily more fulfilling. To me science is continuously questioning what has been told to you in a greater quest for actaul knowledge and religion and faith is submitting to what you have been told. Or submitting to your own minds creations. I mean, you can hold some scientist to this critique too, simply assuming Einstein got it right has help many a physicist back from taking the necessary steps towards furthering out knowledge of the universe.

    Science, at its core, seems infinity more fulfilling than believing what you’re told and sticking to your guns. It encourages open mindedness and change over stagnation an tradition.

    And the evidence isn’t black and white, they even account for that in the flow chart.

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