Another blog I started. It’s a gimmick blog I find rather amusing. Go check it out and tell me what you think.


Poopy – adj. Pu-pee

Smelly, dissatisfying, and/or brownish in a grayish greenish sort of way.

Homework and a rotting body share the similar descriptor, poopy. I feel this is not a coincidence.


I will not tell you guys when new definitions are up because I plan them to be so frequent that it would get annoying for me to post about it here.

14 responses to “Definitions

  1. you certainly are just swimming in blogs now aren’t you? pathetic. do you have any human contact? how long has it been since you last SPOKE one of your thoughts?

  2. Umm… moments ago. Actually, the exact reason most of my blogs suck is because there is nothing to them. I dont actually put any of myself intothem. I’m brainstorming crazy shit with people on the floor all the time. getting high on brain crack with “how cool it would be if” and never folowing through. but such is how i work.

  3. oh, and i love you too jordan. I am actually decently proud of this new one too, it’s simple so i can actaully make it happen. Its like a “baby steps” version of a blog filled with entirly original content.

  4. it still amazes me that you reply so quickly. you must have had a chip implanted in your head

  5. i’m thinking about buying you another book. i just finished it: overclocked by Cory Doctorow. familiar name of course. a bunch of short stories. my favorite was about sweatshop workers playing an online game to generate in game wealth that could be sold on ebay to rich noobs who wanted the experience without the work.

  6. Nice! did you read that other article i orgasmed about? “we are the web”

    its so cool because its not science fiction, its jsut fucking science!

  7. not yet, i wasn’t in the mood tonight.

  8. fair. get to it eventually though. its offically on my “required reading” list

  9. having this type of conversation almost makes me want to get aim

  10. DO it DO it DO it. join us jordan, its painles…

  11. if the zombie bites, will i die slowly and painfully, giving me the chance to bite more; or will it be over in a day?

  12. It’s safe and warm in the internet…

  13. it will be over quickyl

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