Kind of Delicious

Alright guys, I feel as though it is decently ready for its unveiling. What is it you may ask? Well let me get something out of the way first. In my urge to make a blog and show you guys the hip new stuff that happening all over the internet and show you all the inane things I find amusing/cute/hilarious/interesting I have let this blog slide into what can only be described as crap-tastic. I planned for it to be informative, and have tons of cool articles be me about why everything I put on the site is interesting, or where you can go to get more information. But as noted already, I have failed miserably.

But I want to have a cool blog, a blog where you can consistently find interesting and informative or creative things, a blog like I intended this one to be. So I have upped the ante and created Kind of Delicious, A Bit Tasty’s better little brother.

Now here is the deal, I am keeping this blog, but will keep it the fecal piece of browser space it is, continuing to simply be a less annoying (because you don’t have to actually look at it) version of a mass weekly email of the neat-o stuff I found on the blag-o-tubes/ intersphere. Why? Because I think at least Jordan and my sister like it, and sometimes I like to imagine that I have a non-family non-close friend readership of more than 3 that may actually enjoy what I filter for them. Which, even though it just a fantasy, is good enough for me.

Again, Kind of Delicious is the new place for my creative works and things (like real opinion pieces or reviews or articles) I’m proud of, but if two sites is way to many to check, and I know Kind of Delicious wont be updated frequently in anyway shape or form, just keep up with this site, I will like to anything I post on kind of delicious from here, but not verse-visa.

First up, go check out a little three picture photo story

I hope the changes of format are satisfactory


2 responses to “Kind of Delicious

  1. i love the idea, the initiative, the dedication to having a good blog. i don’t understand the idea of fixing your problem by opening another blog, it seems like a step in the wrong direction. “i have one bad blog that i want to make better, i’ll make a second one so i can seperate the good from the bad forever more.” soon the lines will blur and the new one will only be a tiny step above the first, and the first will have dropped.

    i hope you prove me wrong, i really do. i just don’t see it happening.

    but perhaps “a step backwards, after making a wrong turn, is a step in the right direction.”

    that pure vonnegut baby.


  2. actually its not entirly fixing it, i want both blogs to exsist, i want this one to be the shitty filter blog it is. because you and my sister, and i can only assume a few others actually like it at least a bit. but i want another blog that really is my creative works. that i can keep super focused. one will link to the other, not vise-versa.

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