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A revolutionary music interface for us all. Utilizing advanced technology to make music fun. Imagine Humming, tapping, beat boxing, or whistling which is then molded it into glorious instrumental form. Integrated Garageband capabilities. Make it a reality, Vote for it at MyDreamApp.com


“Whistler could change people’s lives, for the better, launch new careers, bring happiness to people.” – John Harris, (MDA judge)

“This application seems like a real killer app.” – Bruce Horn (Apple)
This is just awesome. Someone make it, please. The greatest thing an application can do is allow users to do something that was once too difficult or complex to be feasible…Whistler would be a useful tool and a phenomenally fun toy.
Nicholas Jitkoff (Quicksilver)

“the one I am most dying to play with by far…borderline revolutionary”
Bill Bart (The Skins Factory)

“I adore this idea… …Whoo, Whistler…
I love this idea, and it’d be fun to code.”
Jason Harris (Shapeshifter)

“I just want to write two things about this idea – congratulations and oh my God does it look sweet! Whistler introduces a completely new way of interfacing with sound editing apps, which is so intuitive and simply human, that I’m actually astonished that I’ve never heard about it before.”
Piotr Gajos (Inventive)

“this idea – which might at first seem technically ridiculous – is actually probably quite possible and could be amazingly awesome”
Cabel Sasser (Panic)

“This concept is pure brilliance incarnate.”
Bill Bart (The Skins Factory)

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