I Havent Slept Yet

Just so everyone knows. Arcade Fire’s CD ‘Funeral’ is one of those CD’s that is just perfect to listen to at 630 am when you haven’t gone to bed yet and you both hate life for the fact your up and riding your bike in freezing temperatures to deliver homework to a professor to make so arbitrary deadline while at the same time are relishing in the odd sensations of sleep deprivation and the un beatable experience of being up when the sun rises and gives life back to our side of the planet. (oh, and at moments I can convince myself cold = brisk and refreshing. If I’m in my manic swing and the music has become danceable.)

So next time you’re in that mood/situation, seriously, Arcade Fire – Funeral. It works.

P.S – it helps to be twitchy spastic tired – the dancing is more fun that way.


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