Google Calendar

You can check out what I am doing just about anytime any day of the week if you click the  “What I am doing” link in the sidebar.

And might I recommend Google Calendar to anyone, it is simple to use. You can set up repeating events and all kinds of fun stuff. Also, if you have the right provider (which is almost all of them) you can have reminders for specific events sent to you 10minutes (or how ever early you chose) before the event. I think this is just plain awesome. And the price is only the cost of normally receiving a text (sms), which for me is free.

Also, for you people with a calendar program, Google supports uploading calendar files from many other programs, so the switch may be worth it.


2 responses to “Google Calendar

  1. i thought you werent going to do balroom dancing??? how is it? mom says you work in admissions? when do you do that, that’s not in your schedule? How was the concert you went to? I will try to listen to the radio thing on thursday!

  2. n. sandal of wood or tire rubber. Span. zapato (7) Thamesportal you know? (1)

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