Our Spaceship Earth

Beautiful; isn't it?

FULLER PROJECTION – A new view for the MilleniumTraditional world map projections often distort and divide the land masses in their attempt to show the curved surface of the earth as a flat projection. For example, Greenland appears substantially larger than Australia although its land mass is actually smaller, the massive continent of Asia does not fit unless divided, and the Polar regions are so grossly distorted that they must be shown separately in order to be seen in their entirety.The projection used for this map, also known as the “Dymaxion Map”, was created by Buckminster Fuller, distinguished mathematician, inventor and 20th Century visionary. It is the only flat map of the entire surface of the earth which reveals our planet as it really is – one island in one ocean – without any visible distortion of the relative shapes and sizes of the land areas, and without splitting any continents.Given a way to visualize the total planet with greater accuracy, humans aboard Spaceship Earth will be better equipped to address the challenges to humanity’s future.

This struck me as awe inspiring and uniting (in a we-are-all-in-this-together kind of way).

and we float on.

4 responses to “Our Spaceship Earth

  1. I did a project on Buckminster Fuller for Mr. Sedlak last year, did’nt I tell you about this? look up the Dymaxion car too, it’s pretty cool. and the geodesic dome, you find them everywhere. fuller was an awesome dude way ahead of his time.

  2. Got a link to that poster?

  3. yeah click it

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