A Great Loss

Steve Irwin Died.

I actually became watery eyed reading the news reports.

Give tribute if you want too.

(oh, and i know this is a family blog, but seriously, fuck this lady)


3 responses to “A Great Loss

  1. I laughed hysterically when i found he’d died from doing something with some other wild animal. I was almost dissapointed it wasn’t a crock though. fitting end if there ever was one.

  2. asshole!

    (oh if it makes you feel better, he was stabbed through the hart, which is crazier to me than anything a croc could do)

  3. i loved the comments about the greer lady, it’s amazing what people will do to get attention. Who is she anyway to have an opionion on the man’s death. Does she advicate for animals? does she fund some kind of animal protection thing??? it amazes me how lame people can be.

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